Sunday, May 22, 2011

Kearns High School.. Class of 2011.. Lehua Ama

Finally a photo shoot after my own heart.. (Yes I went to Kearns.. lol).

Lehua is a senior at Kearns High School home of the Cougars, but don't let that be the only title she holds, she is also a Cheerleader (one of the most spirited ones at that) and she is one of the SBO's, she loves Kearns High and everything that has to do with it, she loves the teachers, the students, the spirit there she just loves KEARNS.. Really who could blame her.. ha ha..

Lehua plans on attending UVU after graduation and from there I think she said she was going to rule the world.. LOL.. She really didn't say that but when you spend some time with her you start to think she could one day..

Lehua congratulations on your graduation. Always remember that this is just the beginning of your life and no matter where you go and or end up in life, Kearns will always have a place in your heart.. ( So I'm a little one sided on this Kearns thing.. haha haha)

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  1. I love my niece! She looks amazing!!! I love your work too!! get it girl!!!