Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Class of 2011.. Mr Bloomfield..

I'm sad to say I've known this senior from birth, yes I admit it BIRTH (totally just dated my self). I can not believe how much he has grown and what a gentlemen he has turned out to be. He greets you with a smile and is always polite when asked to do things.. Tevita has come a long way and has accomplished so much in his life and is beginning to see that his talents and his attitude can take him everywhere. But when you talk with him you can honestly tell FAMILY is first with him, and he understands why. Vita ( is what he goes by) is the oldest out of 9 kids he knows little eyes are watching him..

Tevita I cant wait to see you in action at the University level, your talents will carry you far in life but your great attitude will take you the rest of the way. May you always have your hometown boy charm and your mommas boy smile, I only see great things from you Vita. Congratulations on your upcoming graduation..

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