Monday, May 16, 2011

Class of 2011... Cecilia Fehoko

This beautiful young women Cecilia is a senior at Granger High School home of the Lancers, (yes I wore a Kearns High sweatshirt during this shoot.. lol life long rivals.. ) When I first told some friends I was going have a photo session with this young lady, all I heard back was "Oh she's really pretty" or "Oh she's beautiful", I had never met her so I was actually excited to see her after all the compliments.. Needless to say she did not disappoint.. Wow they weren't exaggerating, she's is so beautiful. Add to that a great personality and she plays sports, basketball to be exact, point guard and shooting guard if your wondering.. Cecilia will be continuing on with her education she is planning on playing ball for a JC college which one she's going to surprise us..

Cecilia thank you so much for allowing me to take your senior photos, your such a beautiful girl and I totally can see you on a billboard or in a magazine that's how HOT you are.. lol..

Oh and by the way we (Cecilia and I) have nothing to say to the two HATERS that came along for the photo shoot...haha haha hah aha ha

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  1. She's gorgeous and your pictures are the bomb as always! :)